Growing your business's strength and capability through the sensible use of financing is simply good business strategy.  
LIPS understands the tax benefits and tax effectiveness of sourcing the right equipment, machinery and vehicles to assist with your business growth and your overall business strategy.

Vehicle Financing
Talk to LIPS about vehicle financing for your business.  We understand the FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) implications of personal use of company vehicles, including the rulings about twin cab utility vehicles.

Equipment Financing
Financing and leasing big ticket business equipment items for your business often requires a more considered approach, including calculations to ensure optimal utilisation and possible outsourcing or sub-leasing of equipment to cope with your needs.  Damian and LIPS have expensive experience in this aspect of equipment financing.

Asset Financing
Ask LIPS about innovative financing packages and depreciation benefits surrounding the acquisition and utilisation of business assets and machinery, regardless of the amount you spend or the financing channel used.

Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions takes a multi-disciplinary approach to financing, whether it's to fit out a coffee shop or equip a large scale manufacturing facility.  We can see the big picture, from asset selection to financing to depreciation to running costs to utilisation to sub-leasing to resale of business assets.

LIPS offers a fully Integrated Financial, Accounting and Tax Planning service.

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