The Benefits of Choosing LIPS as Your Financial Adviser
Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions are not just theoretical experts.  We have been and done the things we talk about.


We have a property investment advisory partner and have been involved in multiple property investment projects ourselves, for more than a decade.  We have our own businesses and understand the pressures of running effective businesses, in good times and bad.  We know and understand the implications of legislative and market changes.  We are students of the financial industry and seek to furnish our exclusive clientele with the benefit of our learning and experience, wherever possible. 

Personal Service

When you deal with LIPS you get to deal with a real person.  Damian takes a personal interest in each client's case and maintains oversight on all client matters handled.  When you deal with a LIPS representative your case information is available to other LIPS staff so they can pick up your files and deliver a seamless service for your needs.  We are determined to maintain the high standard of personalised, bespoke service for which we have become known, to all of our clients.


We know you're busy.  We understand the effort and sacrifice you have to make to handle the investment and growth of your wealth, despite the substantial demands on your time and finances, as you carry on with your journey to financial success.  Our focus is on your needs and on ensuring you are as successful in your endeavours as we can possibly help you to be.  You will find all of our dealings are conducted professionally and in as timely a manner as possible, so you can begin to benefit as soon as possible.

Why Use A Financial Adviser?

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