How do you protect your assets, business and wealth?

Risk Management
Your greatest asset during your working years is your ability to earn an income. It is important to ensure your cash flow will continue even in the event of an unexpected disaster. The need for all types of insurance cover is greatest when dependants are young and the home still has to be paid off and when there are few other assets available. The appropriate level of cover can best be determined by what your financial position would be if you died OR became disabled today. We have broken up our needs analysis based on the types of personal insurance that are available.

The decision for you is to then determine if you wish to put the recommended level of cover in place or take on the risk of something happening to you when you are not adequately covered.


Personal Insurances
There are a number of areas where you might wish to consider obtaining cover to ensure your wealth is maintained and dealt with in an appropriate manner according to your wishes.  Please take the time to discuss the following areas and insurances with us.

Death (Terminal Illness) Cover
Total & Permanent Disability
Trauma / Critical Illness
Income Protection / Salary Continuance
Health Insurance
Accidental Death



Business Insurances
Protecting the integrity of your business is a key concern for those of us who have invested years of our lives and thousands or millions of dollars into the development of wealth creation vehicles.  We are happy to discuss and advise on the various insurance products available to protect your assets and income in this regard.

Key Person Insurance
Business Overheads
Business Interruption
Buyout / Succession

Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions has access to a broad range of insurance and asset protection options.

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