LIPS has partnered with several professionals who deliver complimentary services and skills.  One of those partnerships is the relationship we have with Property Wealth 4 U.

PW4U  What We Do
PropertyWealth4U is a boutique building services consultancy.  We offer a fully integrated solution to assist you to navigate the process of property acquisition, development applications, borrowing and construction, from start to finish.  Our combined experience in the industry means we have already made and learned from most of the mistakes and pitfalls that are waiting for you when you decide to build, for either residential or investment purposes.  We have seen people, time and again, trying to manage their own projects without construction experience.  We know where the wrong approach can lead and can help you keep your project on track.

PW4U came out of the collaboration between two professionals with complimentary skills and a single aim... to bring the construction, quantity surveying and project management skills of one partner to bear on the financial planning, financing, tax planning and asset protection skills of the other partner, and vice versa.  We specialise in separate skills to ensure our clients obtain the best results we can deliver, with the least possible disruption to their lives.  PW4U is a strong working partnership, based upon mutual success and trust.

PW4U  Services
Our service offerings include:

Financial Consulting & Planning
Sourcing Lenders (1st & 2nd Tier)
Equity Sourcing - Finance / Investors / Seed Capital
Development Investigation & Strategy 
Property Selection & Acquisition
Potential Land Use Maximisation
Develpment Strategy Brainstorming Sessions
Development Feasibility Costing & Planning
Subdivision Process Planning & Management
Construction & Development Team Sourcing
Property Ownership Structuring
Tax Planning & Advisory Service

Building & Construction Supervision
Project Management Services

We know a fair bit about the business of property development.  You can engage us in a simple advisory role, or have us take a more hands-on approach.  Or you can entrust us with the whole process while we report back to you regularly on the progress and handle any problems with your project.


Our People: Damian Ebzery

Has worked in the financial planning field since 1997, delivering outstanding financial outcomes for hundreds of clients in that time.  Damian is an Accountant, a Financial Planner, a Lending Consultant, a Business Owner and a Property Investor.  He looks after the financial side of each job.

Our People: Damien Kerwick
Has worked in the building industry for more than three decades.  His background in Quantity Surveying and Building & Construction Management and his vast experience in Project Management give you access to the sort of experience only time in the industry can buy.  Let our experience be your guide while we get our hands dirty and manage your project professionally.

Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions works closely with PropertyWealth4U because the two businesses are a good fit for each other.  Our combined experience means we are able to assist each others' clients in their property development and financial security efforts.

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