There are literally thousands of different property loan (mortgage) products available to Australian borrowers at the moment.
We can help you choose the right one for your needs and save you money and trouble.  In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to get your loan settled.
We deal in all types of property financing, and their varying rates and features.

First Home Buyer
A home buyer can obtain financing to purchase or secure against a property from a financial institution (limited product range) or from a professional funding broker (multiple lending sources).  Talk to us about your needs, so we can tailor a loan specifically to your requirements.  It is always best to engage professional lending advice from the outset.

Investment Loans
Investment loans are structured in a way that allows you to make the most of your assets, to facilitate working toward building your wealth and maximising your opportunities from it.  The end goal may seem a long way off but the time to act is now, as the future will not wait while you get ready.  The housing market usually runs to a 7-10 year cycle with highs, lows and steady patches.

Commercial Loans
Due to the high up-front costs and regulatory hurdles, smaller businesses do not, generally, have access to the debt and equity markets for financing purposes.  Therefore they must rely on financial institutions to meet their financing needs.  Commercial loans are renewable loans used to fund a company's immediate working capital needs.  These may range from small to large scale and are usually short term in nature.

Standard Variable & Fixed Rate Loans
The variable rate loan usually offers more features and flexibility than the basic "no frills' loan, so the rate is usually a little higher.  Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed rate for a specified period, usually between 1 and 5 years.  The advantage of allowing you to organise your affairs and finances without the risk of rising repayments is offset by the disadvantage of being excluded from rate decreases.

Honeymoon Rate Loans
Honeymoon rate loans are loans with lower repayments for the first 6 to 12 months.  After the honeymoon period they usually revert to a standard variable rate or fixed rate loan and the payments increase.  Make certain you can afford the increased payments once the loan reverts.  You may be faced with a fee or "break cost" if you wish to switch to a different loan type in the early years of the loan.

Bridging Loans
Bridging loans may be necessary to cover the financial gap when you are buying one property before another is sold and settled.  The loan is generally secured against your existing property as you are utilising the equity you hold in it to finance the new one.  Bridging loans are usually short term and comparatively more expensive than other types of loans.

Manage and minimise your downside risk through the use of loan and financial insurance products.  The cost of insurance premiums is rarely significant compared to the value of the asset covered.

Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions has a sound understanding of the many types and features of loans offered in the market.   We specialise in assisting first home buyers; People whose employment is a little out of the ordinary and buyers utilising company, trust and SMSF structures.

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