Almost 10% of Australia's citizens own investment property of some type, yet few of them have actually optimised the effectiveness of their equity or tax planning in their endeavours.  LIPS has extensive experience in managing the financial and taxation aspects of property investment. 

Mortgage Finance
Our many years of experience in mortgage lending gives us a strong appreciation of what loans are available and how they can be put to best use in an investment scenario.  Lifestyle & Investment Planning Solutions know which loans offer the best results.

Investment Financing
Getting into the property market is a reasonably safe investment for many Australians.  Most of our clients have some form of property investment portfolio.  We know how to maximise the income potential and the ongoing value of your investment, to secure your financial future.

Development Financing
Getting involved in the property development market is not for the faint of heart.  Talk to LIPS about your financing options if you are looking to develop residential or commercial property.  We can access a broad panel of lenders and products simply not available through the major banks.

Our sister company, Property Wealth 4 You, can assist with development and construction management.  

Why Is A Broker A Better Financier Than A Bank?

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