We are all busy, doing the things we think we need to be doing, concentrating on the URGENT and hoping the IMPORTANT will take care of itself.  That is where a good Financial Adviser has a role to play.  It is unlikely that you will have the time to gather the information and specialised knowledge you need to make informed investment decisions. 

Deal with the IMPORTANT things
Some people can manage to keep all of the balls in the air at once but there are not many people with the income, time, skills and knowledge to do it all simultaneously.  When you hire a financial adviser you get the skills and attention of a specialist adviser whose whole focus is putting in place the most effective financial plan; using the best available investment products; in the most cost effective and time effective manner possible, to assist you.  This is the important stuff.

Special Skills of a Financial Adviser
There are a number of things that Financial Planners are trained to do, that you may not realise.
- Provide an objective appraisal of your situation
- Provide solutions to your financial problems
- Use their experience to avoid previous mistakes
- Assist you to determine and prioritise your goals
- Assist in motivating you to succeed financially
- Provide strategies that include risk management
- Provide & explain solutions that you understand 

Free up your TIME
We realise we can't do everything.  We specialise in a couple of areas of expertise and ensure we remain current in the information about those areas.

 Likewise, your business or job or trade is specialised work and we know you have expertise in that area.  You can leverage our skills and knowledge to achieve better outcomes for yourself, while we ensure your financial planning advice keeps pace with legislative and market changes, for your benefit.

Lifestyle Investment & Planning Solutions have the experience and skills to provide you a complete financial plan.  We take away a lot of the uncertainty you face, so you can get on with the things that demand your time.

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